6th-7th of November 2023

The Best You

Synergy Project

Hosted by leading industry expert, best selling author, globally recognized event promoter and founder of TheBest You. Bernardo Moya

A revolutionary training and opportunity for personal development professionals: a curated network of visionaries, united by a shared mission and the power of synergy.

"Be The Next Game Changer in Personal Development"

Unearth Your Potential

Dive deep into the untapped reservoirs of your capabilities. Discover how to harness your unique strengths and transform them into actionable strategies.

Leverage The Power of Collaborative Synergy

Experience the power of collective expertise. You are going to join forces with other like-minded professionals who will help you amplify your impact and accelerate your journey.

Blueprint to Leadership

Chart your path from aspiration to realization. You are going to get access to the complete proven blueprint and steps that are going to provide the insights, strategies, and support systems that will elevate you to a leadership role in personal development.

My Why

Why I Created "The Best You" - The Real Story

When I first dove into the world of personal development, I noticed something... odd. Everywhere I looked, it was the same familiar faces, the established names, hogging the limelight. But what about the unsung heroes? The brilliant minds just waiting for their shot?

That's why I created "The Best You." Not for the big shots, but for the underdogs. For the passionate souls with a message, a story, a lesson to share, but no platform to shout from.

But here's the kicker...

After 15 years of promoting and elevating voices, I've seen a pattern. So many talented individuals start with a bang but fizzle out. They get lost in the noise, overwhelmed by the enormity of the industry, or simply don't get the right guidance.

15 years+

Promoting Events

35 years+

As Entrepreneur


Speakers Promoted


Attended His Events

And That's Not Ok With Me

And It Shouldn't Be For You Either!

I've been in the trenches just like you, and here is what I know.

II've seen the highs and the lows of this industry. And I've decided it's time to change the game. I want to leverage my connections, my expertise, and my passion to be the catalyst. To create a new wave of speakers and authors who don't just blend in but stand out and shine.

If you know you have more to offer, If you are tired of taking a back seat, being overshadowed and lost in the crowd, then you are definitely in the right place to change that.

Let's change the narrative together.

This is the most exciting project, personally or my brand has promoted.

Bernardo Moya

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Nov, 6 2023 I 10:00 AM PST

The Synergy Project

The Training Will Include The Following:

  • Book Publishing Tips

  • Book Promotion Strategies

  • Speaking Opportunity Insights

  • Public Speaking Mastery Training

  • Personal Branding Techniques

  • AI Integration Guidance

  • Networking Best Practices

  • Event Hosting Protocols

  • Podcasting How-To's

  • Marketing Strategy Breakdown

  • Digital Presence Enhancement

  • CRM Mastery Training

  • Global Expansion Tactics

  • Workshop Crafting Methods

  • Tech Savviness Courses

  • Coaching Skills Development

  • Content Creation Systems

  • Audience Engagement Tools

  • Sales Technique Workshops

  • Collaborative Project Frameworks

Who's Speaking

Bernardo Moya has been an entrepreneur for over thirty-five years. He is an author, speaker, coach, mentor, consultant, publisher, TV producer, event promoter and event producer.

He is the founder of The Best You brand, which includes: The Best You Expo, The Best You TV, The Best You Magazine, The Best You Awards…

Bernardo has promoted over 1200 speakers over the years and over 100.000 people have attended his events worldwide.

He’s a regular, straightforward no BS kind of guy.

Someone who is down to earth, who has made mistakes but learned from them, someone who is walking his talk, that will tell you the truth, even if you don’t like it…

The Training Starts In:

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Date For The Training

6th Of November 10 am pm PST

6pm GMT

"Discover the training and program set to revolutionize the personal development landscape."

Bernardo Moya.

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